About RBG California

Who We Are

Restaurant Buying Group (RBG) is a 13-year old co-op of independent restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, c-stores, casinos, schools, and bakeries throughout the West.

Although started as a way to give independent businesses the buying power of large chains, RBG has become much more. RBG helps operators stay current on the what’s happening in the restaurant industry including new or changes to laws. RBG helps create order guides and menu planning. Your personal RBG partner will help analyze invoices on a regular basis so you never have any surprises about what you’re paying to your vendors.

We take an “Old-School” approach to helping operators succeed.

There are NO long-term contracts to be part of RBG. It’s really pretty simple. We know that our job is to save you money and time. If we do that, you’ll stay a member. If we don’t, you’ll leave. So we don’t force you to stay with RBG. You can withdraw at any time.

We’re transparent about what we do for operators. There are no hidden costs or obligations and if the item is on our price list, all members pay the same price for the products no matter the size of your operation.

RBG cooperative is now 300+ members strong and growing rapidly. It’s anticipated that RBG will have more than 400 members by the middle of 2017. RBG is now in California, Oregon, and Nevada.

Our Team

Restaurant Buying Group was started in Northern California by +John Cropped
John Castaldo
, a 40+ year veteran in multi-unit restaurant operations throughout the United States. John saw the need for smaller, independent operators to band together to be able to get contracts for lower prices.


Angela Mullins, Treasurer and Secretary of RBG, serves as the liaison for RBG +Angela Cropped 4
operations. Angela handles all of the accounting for the members. She also maintains all the pricing contracts and continues to negotiate new ones, creates our monthly newsletters and makes sure we have the latest information from our distribution partners.


Dana Miller, a former Vice President of Golden West Pancakes and +Dana Croppedrestaurant owner of 35+ years, has brought his expertise and knowledge to RBG since 2008. Dana has been a tremendous asset to RBG and helping it grow its members. He is RBG’s senior sales representative and truly puts the customer first.


Rich Kettmann,  came to RBG after his tenure with Farmer Brothers+Rich Cropped Coffee and US Foods. With the knowledge of how the distributors operate he has been a great addition to the team. He is able to communicate what is going on behind the scenes with the distributors or manufacturers and advise on how RBG should proceed. Being in customer service for 33+ years, Rich is not shy to go above and beyond to do what is necessary to take care of his customers.


Albert Guzman has worked in the restaurant industry for over 20+ +Albert Cropped 1years. Albert comes to RBG with experience in the front and back of
the house. He is bilingual and specializes in Hispanic restaurants. With his knowledge from working in restaurants for so long, he can’t wait to share what he has learned to help other restaurants grow and see things that otherwise may be overlooked or can even help spice up your menu with new ideas.

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